Mon. May 20th, 2024
£290 Million Fiasco: Sunak's Rwanda Deal in Ruins as No Confidence Letters Pile Up

Rishi Sunak’s controversial plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda has hit yet another hurdle, with costs soaring to £290 million despite the scheme never being implemented. This financial blow comes alongside reports of a growing number of Conservative MPs submitting no confidence letters, further jeopardizing Sunak’s leadership.

The government has already spent a staggering £240 million on the Rwanda policy, despite legal challenges preventing any deportations from taking place. An additional £100 million was spent in the 2023-24 financial year, with a further £50 million expected in the coming year. This astronomical cost raises serious questions about the government’s priorities and its ability to manage public funds effectively.

Adding fuel to the fire, a recent report suggests that at least 18 Conservative MPs have submitted letters of no confidence in Sunak’s leadership. This growing dissent within his own party reflects growing frustration with his handling of a number of issues, including the economy, cost of living crisis, and the controversial Rwanda policy.

In a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, Sunak has urged his party to “unite or die” ahead of a crucial vote on the Rwanda bill. He has also begged the Labour Party to back the policy, claiming it is the only way to deter illegal immigration. However, these pleas seem unlikely to sway either the rebels within his own party or the opposition, leaving the future of the Rwanda plan and Sunak’s leadership hanging precariously in the balance.

The mounting costs and internal dissent surrounding the Rwanda policy highlight the significant challenges facing Sunak’s government. It remains to be seen whether he can weather the storm and unite his party behind his agenda, or whether this will be the final nail in the coffin for his leadership.


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