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Underground Blossom is a cool adventure game where you click around to explore a mysterious underground world.

Your job is to go through different metro stations, solve puzzles, and figure out the story.

This game has a great story, classic puzzles where you click on things, and a weird soundtrack that adds to the vibe.

Now, let’s talk about Chapter 5: Sorrow Cross. In this part, you’ll need to solve some puzzles with a clock, vending machines, and seeds.

For the clock puzzle, find out the correct time by looking at different clocks in the station. Once you spot the right time, set the clock to it, and you’ll get a key.

To solve the vending machine puzzle, gather some coins by exploring. Once you have enough coins, buy a seed from the vending machine.

Now, for the seed puzzle, plant the seed in a pot filled with soil. Water it regularly, and when it grows, harvest it to get another key.

Collect both keys, and you can open a door to move on to the next chapter.

Chapter 5 has more than just puzzles. There are other challenges that need your brainpower to solve. It might be tricky, but it’s worth it for the fun and rewards.

So, Chapter 5: Sorrow Cross is a bit tough, but it’s a cool part of Underground Blossom with interesting puzzles and challenges to keep you entertained.

Ultimate Guide to Conquering Chapter 5 Sorrow Cross

Underground Blossom Chapter 5: Sorrow Cross walkthrough

Step 1: Talk to Laura and Bob.

Step 2: Get the clock hand from the box under the bench.

Step 3: Place the hand on the clock and set the time to 4:00.

Step 4: Send Bob away and collect the money from his wallet.

Step 5: Use the coin to buy three different vending machine snacks: the 25, 35, and 45 cent items.

Step 6: Click on where the snacks were deposited and complete the sorting puzzle. Sort the objects into three categories: animals, foods/drinks, and modes of transportation.

Step 7: Give the cookie to the pigeon.

Step 8: Solve the seed puzzle. Make sure that there is one white seed after every red seed and two white seeds after every green seed.

Step 9: Follow the pigeon until it is killed by a train.

Step 10: Take the key and unlock the cage.

Step 11: Put the rest of the money from Bob’s wallet into the box under the bench and set the time to 9:00.

Step 12: Use the saw to cut the lock on the cabinet behind Laura and obtain the painting panel.

Step 13: Put the painting panel on the painting and move it around until you find all 12 locations in the painting.

Step 14: Sort the contents of the knocked over trash can into pairs.

Step 15: Read the letter and obtain the pill.

Step 16: Give the pill to Laura and talk to her.

Step 17: Follow Laura’s instructions and place the correct objects in the hands of the correct people.

Step 18: Click on the portrait next to Laura’s dead body.

Step 19: Take the paintbrush and dip it into the pigeon’s blood.

Step 20: Go back to the portrait and use the paintbrush to draw all over Rose’s face until you get the time (7:55).

Step 21: Click on Laura’s dead body and collect the ticket.

Step 22: Change the time to 7:55 and give the ticket to the conductor.

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