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How To Get Dents Out Of Carpet

Dents in the carpet from heavy furniture are pretty common in homes.

Sofas, chairs, and tables can leave deep marks on the carpet, making it look old and not so nice.

But don’t worry! If you have dents in your carpet, there are simple ways to get rid of them.

In this guide you’ll learn How To Get Dents Out Of Carpet & the prevention with exciting tips.

How To Get Dents Out Of Carpet

These are the few ways by using which you can get dents out of carpet, These are:

Method 1: Ice Cubes

  • Get a piece of ice cube.
  • Now place that ice cube on the dent.
  • Wait untill the ice cube get melted.
  • Wait until the surface to soak.
  • Once its soaked completely it will swell the fiber.
  • Now this will help you to lift the dent.
  • Now blot up a little water with a clean cloth.

Method 2: Heat

  • Get a damp cloth & a Hitting Iron.
  • Now place that damp cloth over the dent.
  • Then try to iron it over that dent.
  • Because of hit dent fiber will expand.
  • Then once its expand the dent will lift up.
  • Make sure you use a cloth without any direct contact to iron.

Method 3: Steam

  • First get a steamer.
  • Now put that steamer over the dent.
  • Now steam the carpet until it swell.
  • Once its swell dent will automatically lift up.

Method 4: Vacuuming

  • Get a vacuum cleaner.
  • Now place the vacuum clear just above the dent.
  • Start the vacuum cleaner.
  • Wait until the dent remove.

Method 5: Professional Cleaning

If you are still not able to clean it, Then its a good idea to call a professional cleaning guy to get it done.

Since they have a advance tools and experience to do such task without any damage to your carpet.


To steer clear of dents in your carpet, here are some simple steps you can take:

  1. Place furniture coasters under the legs of your furniture.
  2. Move your furniture around from time to time to prevent dents from forming in one specific spot.
  3. Be cautious about putting heavy furniture in areas with lots of foot traffic on the carpet.
  4. Keep your carpet in tip-top shape and prevent dents by vacuuming regularly.

Free Tips

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

  1. If your cloth or towel is damp, make sure to squeeze out the excess water so it’s not too wet.
  2. When using an iron, be cautious not to let it touch the carpet directly.
  3. If you’re using a steamer, hold it close to the carpet to let the steam get into the fibers.
  4. When vacuuming the dented area, use the brush attachment.
  5. If you’re thinking of hiring a professional carpet cleaner, get price quotes from different companies before making a choice.

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