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How To Let Chase Know You Are Traveling

Planning a trip and using your Chase credit card? It’s a good idea to set up travel notifications to avoid any hiccups during your journey.

Now a days its important to inform chase about your travel destination.

If you are not informing then they might put your on hold to prevent any fraud.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to let chase know you are traveling by doing it online, through the Chase mobile app or website, or with a quick call.

How To Let Chase Know You Are Traveling

To let chase know that you are travelling you need to follow certain steps which includes:

1.Open the Chase official site or the app.

2. Then click on SignIn button.

3. Give your credential & login to your chase account.

4. Then click on “Profile & Settings“.

5. Next Click on “Travel” option.

6. Now select the update option there.

7. Fill your travel date with the travel destination.

8. Confirm your mobile number.

9. Then finally submit your travel notice.

Note: If you have enough time then you can follow the above steps to setup the travel notification otherwise you can also


Hope this will help you let the chase know about your travel plans, It also prevent your card from getting it blocked or if your card.

Few of them for whom the card is already blocked as they did’t informed chase about their travel plans, So in that case you should call their customer support to revoke hold.

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