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How To Fix Frozen Pipes

Pipes are the back born of household water supply.

If something happen to pipe then everything gonna stop like use of washroom, cooking in kitchen.

Frozen pipes are really headache for house owner and its frustrating too since our daily living life depends on water.

The good thing is that there is a solution to address this problem which we are going to explain on this article.

In this guide you’ll learn how to fix frozen pipes and how to thaw them and the reasons behind this & how to avoid such problem.

How To Fix Frozen Pipe

To fix frozen pipe you need to thaw them by following the below methods:

  1. First of all find out the frozen pipe.
  2. Open the respective faucet slowly to allow water.
  3. This way pressure will increase and which helps to remove jaam.
  4. Now apply heat to the pipe where its frozen.
  5. Dont use direct flame to prevent damage.
  6. Now best to wrap a hot towels around the pipe.
  7. Wrap a electrical hit tape to its.

This way you can fix the frozen pipes, If persists any problem its always a best idea to seek professional plumber help.

Preventive Measures

Below are the precaution which if you will follow then you would never face such kind of problems in future.

  1. Insulate all suspected pipes.
  2. Allow faucets to drip slowly specially during winter.
  3. Maintain Heating in all the places.
  4. Seal the gaps & cracks which are required .
  5. Check all the outdoor pipes for proper drainage.
  6. Open drain cabinet door to circulate the water in pipes.
  7. Emergency plan to shout down the water valve.


Knowing how to fix frozen pipes is an essential skill for homeowners.

By identifying, thawing, and taking preventive measures, you can safeguard your plumbing system from the adverse effects of freezing temperatures, ensuring a smooth and worry-free winter.

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